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H. A. DULDULAO & CO., INC. soared from a time when any ordinary day held the promise of history.

From its humble beginning in 2011 as a single proprietorship office then known as  H. DULDULAO REALTY BROKERAGE AND DEVELOPMENT it grew to become a unique business convergence of well trained and licensed practitioners in the field of real estate service and its allied professions.  A year later, in August 24, 2012, it was then registered as a corporation to what is now known as H. A. DULDULAO & CO., INC.

Founded by the first-ever licensed real estate broker of Cauayan City, Mr. Henson Jesus A. Duldulao envisioned of establishing a fully integrated real estate service provider in the Cagayan Valley Region. Undaunted by challenges and competition, the young company has grown to be a full scale pocket developer offering high quality yet affordable housing projects.

Guided by its vision to be the organic Real Estate Company of choice in Cagayan Valley Region, it has continuously provided quality and affordable pocket residential projects in various segments of socialized, low-cost and economic housing strata in various locations within the area.

With several completed pocket developments to date, the company shall stay true to its relentless pursuit to provide well-crafted homes at competitive prices. Further, the company shall tirelessly endeavour for continuous improvement and innovation as it rolls out various projects that are aligned towards sustainable developments, historical significance and social relevance.

Company Statements


“We Enrich Lives. We Build Sustainable Communities”


“To be the Real Estate Company of Choice in the Region”


To provide real estate projects of superior quality, reasonably priced and highly affordable that suit the desires of our diverse clientele

To establish God-fearing communities with high regard for environmental care and protection and spiritual enrichment

To empower our people by providing the best opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement

To maintain strategic and mutually beneficial alliances with our principals and suppliers in the industry

To ensure our stakeholders of healthy and  sustainable financial returns

Core Values

Reflective of the Business Attitude, We Profess, We Espouse and Uphold
the following values and best practices aptly summarized as P-R-E-C-I-S-E


We adhere to the highest norms of professional conduct in all of our dealings. The Code of Ethics of all the governing agencies of the country’s real estate industry is a major guide for our daily business operations.

While clearly maintaining our obligations to our clients and customers, our work ethics provide for a warm, pleasant and personal interaction with them, our employees and associates. This is our business philosophy. We place a high priority on these ethics. We do not deviate from the principles under any circumstances and we expect the same of all HADCI associates and personnel.


Our company is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in our hiring practices of personnel or in our relationships with our clients and associates because of race, color, creed, educational attainment, national origin, age, sex, handicap conditions, or familial status.


Ours is a recognition that as dignified human beings, each person has the same innate rights and privileges that we all have – to desire, acquire and enjoy the same things all of us do regardless of the abovementioned conditions; and therefore, you can always expect fairness and unbiased treatment in the company.


We never undertake an assignment for a client or customer unless we have the training and experience to do the job; and we get it done to the customer’s delight.

The quality of our work outputs undoubtedly speaks of our commitment to provide only the best there is even as we continuously enhance our knowledge and skills to maintain our reputation.


It is the underlying philosophy that allows us to move beyond limits and boundaries; and pursue the fulfilment of our clients’ expectations. No matter what it entails, our company as a whole is determined to make good and deliver on our promises, service and otherwise.

Sometimes even the most competent professionals make mistakes. We understand this fact. If we make a mistake or fail to deliver, we must be willing to stand accountable, and commit to making it right with the customer.


No other single attribute of a person or business can have such an impact on our success or failure.  As a Christian company, we believe that every business must be transacted with absolute truth and uncompromising honesty.

We adhere to the highest norms of – Honesty in every action, truth in every word; as we likewise expect honesty from our employees and our associates.


Our clients and customers have a right to expect and demand outstanding service from us; and because we are not paid for our time, but for the service we provide, we must provide the highest level of service possible.

Our employees and associates are well provided with opportunities for personal and professional growth. This is to further develop our people and serve their best interests and ultimately our customers by rendering unmatched customer service.


An organization can be great when all members are working together as a team – helping one another when possible, going out of our way to cooperate with each other. Only when teamwork happens can empowerment be truly realized; and only when a team is empowered can we expect quantum leaps in productivity and results. We expect cooperation from our employees and associates.

Company Insignia

Professionally developed and meticulously crafted since our inception

A forward heading letter “H” as the founder’s astute goal to be in the forefront of the industry with its royal blue color symbolizing trust, intelligence and authority;

Above all, the upward pointing letter “D” depicts our moral resolve to be always positive which like the Greek triangular symbol Delta defined as a piece of land formed when a river splits into smaller rivers before it flows into an ocean like the company that is a convergence of many allied services.

The letter “A” anchored with the letter “H” depicts well-grounded pillars from which the company has been founded of, hardwork, authority and diligence with its color turquoise symbolizing energy, wisdom, wholeness, love and patience;

Solid Core Strengths

As a homegrown and organic company, we are steadfast of the following key advantages
not just amongst our local competitors but also among the national players who are already within the area

Value & Craftsmanship

As a closely-knit organization, we have maintained the highest possible craftsmanship on all our turned-over units which were already tried and tested by strong typhoons over the last 5 years thereby assuring our clients of sound investment and the highest possible value for their hard earned money.

  As a developer,  our organization always keeps in mind the empathy towards our clients’ satisfaction.

Green & Smart

Surging to higher front means surpassing the best practices at hand.  As we ought to be in the forefront of sustainability, which will largely differentiate our group amongst the titans of the industry we are always on the look out for new and innovative technology. Besides Solar Power generation, efficiencies through materials used in all the projects are keenly qualified to achieve low carbon footprint. Above all, new construction methodologies including the incorporation of Internet of things (IOT) are also being considered.

Relevance & Significance

The company keeps in mind its relevance to the community at large in doing business.  We might be small in scale but as we grow, we shall pursue projects of significant value as hallmarks of our relevance in nation building. We shall be in the frontiers of the market that are niche and lesser tapped and bring development landmarks where there are none and too small for the bigwigs to enter.

From the Founder and Chief Mission Officer

Henson Jesus A. Duldulao, REB

Henson Jesus A. Duldulao, REB

President & Chief Mission Officer

“What started as a simple vision 8 years ago of simply providing reliable realty associated services in Cauayan City has now evolved to become a full -scale real estate development company that provides quality and affordable housing projects in the Region. Together with our Japanese partners, we are more fervent and inspired to carry-on our mission of establishing a new norm in the industry for developing sustainable and green communities across areas in the Region. Truly,

We Enrich Lives and Build Sustainable Communities.”

Planner, Contractor, Surveyor,
Appraiser, Developer, Property Manager

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J. P. Rizal Avenue Extension, Cabaruan, Cauayan City, Isabela 3305 Philippines

(078) 260-1040